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Iaculli’s “La Cerignola di una volta” procudes typical and local goods such as artichokes, olives and vegetables, using only selected raw materials in order to have high quality production and to meet all the customers’ needs.



Grilled Artichoke

One of the most successful product. Only Apulian fresh raw materials. We take care of the selection even selecting the leaves. We cannot say a word about manufacturing and preservation: top secret for a unique taste.

Grilled Aubergines and zucchini

Selected raw materials even for demanding customer. Ideal together with meat courses.

Grilled Onion

Worked in 48 hours, this variety of onion has an intense taste. Ideal both as a started and together with meat courses.


Olives La Bella di Cerignola

Famous all over the world for their dimension and taste. They are accurate selected and then unbittered. After a 60 days fermentation in pickle they are preserved in barrels and then pasteurized. Ideal as a starter.

Olives in oven

Special flavour for this variety of olive, dried in oven and then spiced. Ideal as a starter.



Four crèmes obtained with high quality materials. Black olives, green olives, artichokes and mixed vegetables. Ideal with bread as a starter or together with hard cheese.


Stem Artichokes

Artichoke’s plant gives always three harvests: the first one is used to prepare this speciality.

Grandma’s artichokes

Unique taste; ideal both as main course or together with meat.

Artichokes’ slices

The accurate selection of raw materials and the leaves’ control make this product delicate, ideal with second courses.



48 hours after being picked they are put in hot water with vinegar and become one of the tastiest vegetable.

Sweet peppers in pieces

The sweetest peppers worked in 24 hours to be more delicate. Ideal together with meat courses.


Pepper filled with tuna

Italian excellence. Chili pepper and tuna together for a unique mix. This product has a particular manufacturing, exalting both the taste of the sea and of the earth.

Apulian Bomb

For those who love intense flavour; a spicy cream based on aubergines and other vegetables. Ideal as dressing.

Spicy pressed Olives

This variety of olive “La bella di Cerignola” is differently worked, to have this particular and spicy taste, Ideal as starter.



Typical Apulian delicacy, less famous as tomatoes, but unique with its light bitter taste.


Mushrooms tris

A mix of tastes: a selection of three varieties of mushrooms, ideal together with second courses.


Seafood Mixture

Fresh and unique, both as dinner and as lunch with low fat.


Aubergines in pieces

This product’s secret is the recipe. An important selection of raw materials make these Aubergines special. With their spicy taste they are ideal together with your main course.

Aubergine Roll

Filled with tuna, dried tomatoes and capers, they are a tasty starter.


Dried Tomatoes

One of the best representative of Apulian typical recipes. They are put in water and vinegar to make them sweeter, then spiced and preserved in oil. Their intense taste is appreciated all over the world. Ideal for cocktails or as side course with hard cheese.



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